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Podcasts are a great way to spread our message of living life bigger! 

Smith has been on many guest podcasts as well as maintains his own.

Here's a few of our favorites! Click on the podcast cover to listen to each podcast!


The Smith and Chris Podcast

Smith Alley (Live Life Bigger) and Chris McKenna (Protect Young Eyes) bring you a weekly discussion about digital trends from two perspectives: Chris is old and Smith is not! It's tough keeping up so we do the research for amazing families who want to use tech safely. TBH - big tech doesn't care about you or your kids. We stand in the gap to make sure parents and kids know the truth. 

Project Recovery

KSL Podcasts

In this week's episode, Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by Smith Alley, a 17-year-old who has battled with an addiction to pornography. Smith talks about the first time he ever saw pornography at 8 years old, being bullied in school, and how the first steps of addiction took place due to being self-conscious.


Then Smith opens up about the shame associated with his addiction, how it got him into legal trouble, and the work that he and his parents have put in to try and curb his addiction. 


He also dives into the work he's doing to help raise awareness surrounding the dangers of porn addiction, being three years clean of pornography, and why helping others is so important in the fight against addiction.


Episode 5 

AMPLIFY w/ Kate Oseen

Today I sat down with Smith Alley a 17-year-old high schooler and the founder of The Live Life Bigger Foundation. After struggling with pornography and mental health, he has started to advocate and share his story hoping to inspire and help others. 

He openly shared his struggles with pornography, mental health, being a youth in today's society the harmful effects of social media, smart phones and more. Parents & Teen's I hope that you find some clarity in this conversation. More understanding and patience in going through the waves of adolescence and parenting teens.  

Episode 36

The Collin Kartchner Podcast

Smith is what I think ever parent hopes their 16yr-old boy can be at this age. He is the happiest, smiliest, nicest person full of light and energy and joy--it's infectious. You cannot be around him and not feel better about life. He loves his parents, his sisters are his best friends, he fixes up cars with his dad and plays lacrosse. But it wasn't always this way for Smith. At 9 years old on an iPad his parents thought was locked down, Smith found pornography, and quickly became hooked. It took over his childhood, it hurt his self-esteem, it changed his attitude towards his family and life. Porn became his dark secret and took over his tween and early teen years, until at 14 the best thing happened to him: "I got caught." It was then that the healing could begin, and now just 2 years later, Smith is who he was born to be. Listen as we talk about his story, how he was able to kick this struggle so many teenagers struggle with today, and how Smith now goes to homes and shares his story as a presentation to families--afterwards he even walks parents through how to set up the best parental controls to keep your kids safe on their devices. I thought his presentation was so great, I had him come by the studio last week to film it, which we will be making available to parents everywhere soon. 

IMG_8178 (1).jpg

Healthy Screen Habits Podcast

Smith Alley is a rising star in the area of tech safety and digital awareness.  At age 17 he has already battled social media & early exposure to pornography, recognized a growing need in society for teen advocacy and testified in Utah state legislature.  He is a leader in promoting “real life living” and enjoying every moment.


Smith offers perspective on what it is like to be a teen growing up in today’s world and encourages us all to “Live Life Bigger”. 

The Live Life Bigger Podcast

The Live Life Bigger Podcast gives great insights, life habits, and personal accounts on how to live a better life. Host Smith Alley is an advocate against the harmful effects of technology.


Stand and Fight Podcast

In this episode Rob and Smith talk about their experience with porn addiction and the journey recovering. Smith Alley is a 17 year old who is changing lives in his community. If you or someone you know is struggling with porn I suggest you reach out to him.

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