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Smith Alley (Founder) is a 17 year old who struggled with the harmful effects of pornography and social media for 5 years.

Deciding to change the course of his life at 14, he went through an addiction recovery program and fell in love with helping other people.
At age 16, he started a company called ProtechtStrong that helps families set up parental restrictions on devices and create healthy social media habits.

He now speaks to groups on how to establish internal filters and use technology in a balanced and intentional way to avoid negative mental health effects and achieve their goals.

Smith’s dad, Ben Alley, is the CEO of The Live Life Bigger Foundation. Ben earned his BS in Business Administration and spent 20+ years in SaaS based companies. He uses his business and sales background to help support Smith's mission. His passion to help families stems from the journey that he traveled with Smith. 

Together they hope to inspire kids and offer resources for those in need.


The path of where we've been, so you can see where we are going.

Some of Our Noteworthy Appearances

  • Spoke alongside Collin Kartchner at The Utah Coalition Against Pornography.

  • Better Screen Time "Tech Truths From a Teen" Webinar.

  • Aware Academy "Dear Parents" Webinar

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"Smith is a remarkable young man in every sense of the word. Every teenager needs to hear his story and every parent needs to learn from him how to keep their kids protected and safe on their devices." 

                   -Collin Kartchner

"Smith Alley is the most real 17 year old I know. He openly discussed the issues he faced and millions of others face."



                         -Rob Eastman